Reformulated boron nitride

Rodabell has reformulated his Nitride of Boro, extending its traditional use in the part of the refractory, to be able to do it also in the metallic part. A sample of the work of innovation in a company in which continuous improvement and planned in the work and its products is one of its fundamental values.

Simple and easy to apply in metals, ceramics and graphite, Rodabell Boron Nitride offers its customers a high quality and abrasion resistant product, making it the best solution for coating and preventing Erosion and adhesion of liquid aluminum over refractory systems.

The use of Boron Nitride Rodabell extends the life of refractory systems like:

  • Casting Channels.
  • Ceramic filter tanks.
  • Aluminum liquid transport crucibles.
  • Consumables: nozzles, floats, stems, flow regulators,…
  • Tools: casting distributors.