Rodabell design and manufacturing

Rodabell’s knowledge allows it the design and manufacture of below-the-hook handling and lifting equipment for the aluminum industry. Rodabell provides not only new lifting equipment, but a variety of services such as repair & reconditioning of existing equipment. Rodabell has the tools of design and manufacturing to give particular solutions to the problems of their customers.

Among the equipment made by Rodabell are clamps for anodes, pot skimming tong, multiple billet pulling beam with rings or wire chokers, automatic ingot swivel tong, billet and spacer lifter with rotate.


High technology in Rodabell

Rodabell Technology produces high quality aluminum billets and slabs, known for their smooth surface finish, small shell zone, and uniform-grain structure. The direct chill (DC) casting process extracts heat through two mechanisms: first through the mold wall as the molten metal contacts it, and secondly through direct contact (or “direct chill”) with a specifically designed water pattern as the semi-solidified billet exits the mold. This casting method reduces the internal stress in the cooled material by allowing contractions on all side, as opposed to only on the top of the ingot in a traditional trough mold.

This technology is applied in  billet and slab in the measurements and quality requested by the client. All stages of the process are carried out by the Rodabell team, from design to manufacturing.

The demand for aluminum is growing worldwide

World production of primary aluminum increased by 5.8 percent in 2017, with an increase of 10 percent in China and stable production in North America and Europe. China continues to be the main driver of growth in the aluminum industry, and electric mobility is an important factor.
This growth reflects the fact that the demand that aluminum has increased markedly compared to the previous century, not only in China but throughout the world. This growth will be continuous and stable throughout 2018 and will probably continue increasing in subsequent years.


Rodabell/Permatech is a leader in engineering the utilization of refractory shapes for aluminum Table Top Troughing Systems

The Rodabell/Permatech Engineering Services Team is a leader in engineering the utilization of refractory shapes for aluminum Table Top Troughing Systems. We house all the necessary design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to produce a complete reline for your Table Top Trough System that will conform to the specific assembly desired.

Delta is the most suitable material for slab and billet distribution launder applications. It is a refractory fiber composition that exhibits excellent insulation properties, high strength, resistance to thermal shock, and is resistant to attack by molten metal alloys.


Rodabell stands out in the manufacturing, maintenance and reparation of electrolysis bridge crane equipment

Rodabell stands out in the manufacturing, maintenance, and reparation of electrolysis bridge crane equipment.

The main applications of the crane are: hit the crust with crush cylinders, add alumina and cryolite to the electrolytic bath, replace the anodes, fill the crucibles through the siphon pipes and facilitate maintenance tasks


Thanks to Agripino for all his years of work and effort

The workers of Rodabell gather at a meal to celebrate the retirement of the charismatic Agripino Izeda.

From Rodabell send all the love and gratitude to Agripino for all his years of work and effort within the corporation.

Rodabell manufactures and installs the new cabin of Electrolysis bridges

Rodabell manufactures and installs the new cabin of Electrolysis bridges for one of its main clients. The new cabin allows a greater comfort to the operator in his movements and a better vision for the execution of the works in the electrolytic tanks.

At Rodabell we are leaders in the manufacture and maintenance of equipment in the aluminum industry through a personalized quality service.

Rodabell successfully closes the modification of the reverberatory furnace

Rodabell successfully closes the modification of the mantel reverberatory furnace destined for the reception and elaboration of cast aluminum for one of its main customers. The scope of the project consisted in the engineering, design, manufacture and assembly of the mechanical elements, steel structure and refractory materials for:

  1. A main door in refractory concrete 6.3×1.8 meters that allows alloying, skimming , and stirring operations, the milkshake, elaborated and desescoriado of the oven.
  2. A secondary door of 2×1.5 meters that allows the loading of metal.
  3. The manufacture of a new chimney and a new flue for the smoke outlet. All this is powered by a new high-precision mechanical-hydraulic system that has improved the energy efficiency of the oven and the sliding movements of doors and flue door.

All phases of the project were executed in less than two months, a clear commitment by Rodabell to reduce delivery times and help improving the production process of its customers.




Rodabell wishes you a Merry Christmas

In these special days, the Rodabell team wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

With all our love,


The presence of Rodabell in ALUEXPO 2017 a success

In RODABELL we are delighted to have attended this year ALUEXPO 2017 in Turkey between October 5th and 7th, together with your agent in the MARMARA METALS region.

The representatives of Rodabell were available at all times to provide more information about our consumables and coatings. We also take the opportunity to present our portfolio of products for degassing systems and consumables, as well as our fiberglass cloth products.

We are a Spanish company of international scope specialized in the manufacture, supply of systems, consumables and tools for the aluminum industry. Whose value is based on the capacity of design, flexibility, global vision of projects and wide range of services.

Product lines:

· Foundry

· Metal transfer

· Metal treatment

· Billet casting / plate / Sheet / Wire (Wire rod)